Exciting things!!!

Hey guys! I just wanted to update you all on what's been going on in my world of music. Finally, my first solo album is complete! I have just been waiting on my husband, whose business is booming (thankful), to create my cover art. I'm going to be patient with him as he is sometimes at a different pace than I am. I trust his process. For now the album will be digital download with a limited number of physical CD's. If you know you'd like a CD, please let me know soon so that I can start taking tabs.

In the meantime, I've been polishing things up, doing some marketing and branding (not my favorite thing), and then a really awesome opportunity landed in my lap. One of my favorite ladies in music, Kate Ellwanger, (artist and producer AKA Dot & CEO and founder at Unspeakable Records) decided to give a Facebook live masterclass called the 5-Day EP Challenge. I decided to jump in, so for the next little bit I will be focusing my energy on that when I'm not with my children. (Here's Kate telling us the guidelines for our platform and giving us some tips on how to prepare for the 5 day challenge. I love technology!)

So, while I create these 4-5 new songs, I will decide if they will become part of the album coming out soon, or if they will be 2 entirely different things altogether. I'll have to see where the class takes me! As I'm approaching day 1 of the challenge (starts at 11am), I have already made over 50 connections with other electronic musicians/producers, which is NOT easy when you are a full time stay at home mom. To say I don't get out much would be an understatement. So, these connections, this experience, really couldn't have happened at a better time, even though it's pushing my release date back a little bit. Thanks for your patience with my creative process! I will definitely be posting 1 of these new tunes after the challenge on my SoundCloud, so stay tuned! www.soundcloud.com/esoter1ca

Peace & Love this Holiday Season,

Erica Sakurai


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