Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017 Friends! We made it! I've gotta say that there were some dark and depressing days in 2016. From a nightmare election to losing so many inspiring artists, I felt the collective sigh when 2016 bid it's farewell. While I am excited to leave behind the previous year, I look to the new year in fear. It's not somewhere I'm used to being. It's not where I want to be, but I've resolved to do my very best in 2017 to create more and to be less afraid to share my creations. I will be spending more quality time with my children, and my instruments and less time worrying. Music and the laughter of my children are my bright lights in the dark days. I will need both to make it through what lies ahead. And I'll need your support, too!

OKAY! End of sadness rant! Ironically, my eLicenser for Cubase (the program I've been using for the past 2 years) just happened to expire right at the end of this year, as I was finishing up this album, and right as I purchased the next program I'm going to be working with (FL Studio 12). So OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW! 2 years ago I committed to learning Cubase while raising 3 young kids and a year ago I made a commitment to myself that I'd put out a solo album before I turn 40. Throughout the year I've made over 30 tracks that were used in different capacities, but I chose only my favorite 12 to make my collection with. As my 40th approaches, I'm excited about what I created. I'm slightly scared to share it because I have social anxiety, but I'm facing my fears and I'm doing this for myself. It hasn't been easy. My sounds didn't always come out the way I wanted them to exactly, but I pushed on. I'm proud of what I have accomplished on my own. I did 100% of this by myself. I made these songs because they helped lift my spirits in times of darkness. So, I'm stoked to announce that my first solo album, In Good Spirits, will be out on January 9th, 2017 ( the last day of my 30's). I'm hoping there's something in there that you will all like.

Thanks for your love and support,

Erica (esoter1ca)

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