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I can't believe what a whirlwind of a year 2017 has been and is closing out to be! So much has happened since the last time I updated. Since the Spring EP Challenge, I participated in the Summer EP challenge and put out an EP that was a mixture of my favorite tunes I created in both the EP challenges and in my own free time in the studio. 2 awesome collaborations happened in the summer resulting in 2 tracks that are uniquely different, that I love equally, both are on the EP. I felt like I was really able to capture some of my truest sounds on that EP, so please check it out.

Since summer, I have been working on making the transition from PC to MAC and from Cubase to Ableton Live 9. I have to say, its super amazing to learn a new DAW, but as a songwriter and composer, I was really missing the layout of Cubase. I decided that from now on that I'll work my tracks in both DAWs since they both have aspects that I love and feel like my music needs.

That said, these days I'm writing lots of new stuff on my piano and synths. I'm also sort of happily sitting back watching my stats rise on ReverbNation. If you haven't hopped over there, please do, and become a fan!

I'm currently ranked 4th electronica artist in Portland, 10th regionally, and 55th nationally!!! I'm literally over here like What is Going on? :) I'm always going to be making music so it's a nice feeling to make the charts! ALL THE FEELS!

Thanks for all of the continued love and support! Stay tuned! New music coming next year!

Much love and thanks,

Erica Sakurai (aka esoter1ca)

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