Happy Holidays!


This will likely be my last blog post of the year since I don't really do this thing very often. Wow! What a year! 2017. It has had its ups and downs, am I right? What a crazy time to be alive. Music! That is what gets me through some of the craziest of times.

Music is my refuge and my place of retreat when I want to feel better, when I want to escape. The genre Escape Room is aptly named. I spent much of 2017 paying attention to the world around me, then retreating to my piano, to MusicLand. I made new music, learned new software, experimented with hardware, participated in music challenges and a few collaborations to escape the madness of reality. It has definitely been a productive year. I worked really hard and I'm proud of all the things I was able to accomplish. I released my very first solo album on Jan. 9th 2017, the day before my 40th birthday. I wrote & produced 40+ tracks this past year, made a dozen or so remixes, & put out 2 EP's. Thank you so much for supporting me and other musicians and artists by purchasing our art and music. Thank you for the downloads and the "likes" on social media. It means everything when your art touches another person. As an artist you put yourself out there and you are in a sea of other artists. There's bandcamp, mixcloud, soundcloud, etc. It is extremely hard to be noticed. I forgot I signed up for ReverbNation at some point when I was making my first album and I posted a few of my early tracks, then one day in late October I got an email from them that I was ranked #11 in Portland for the electronica charts. I just wanted to slide into the top 10, but I went to #4. So, I updated things there and have been ranked #4 in Portland for a solid month now. I'm ranked 9th regionally, and I was 24th globally for a couple of weeks. I have been able to spread my music on that site in a way that hasn't happened on SoundCloud, so that has been REALLY COOL! In the meantime, I'm always making new music and tracks and I'm super excited to announce that my sophomore album is in the works. I hope you'll all follow me on that journey and until then, Happy Holidays!

Much Love,

Erica Sakurai

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